PlayLab is a boutique facility, which allows us to provide our clients with individualized attention, unique resources, and complete privacy. Clients can use our exclusive services to suit any research or innovation need!


At PlayLab, clients can take advantage of a full range of services including;

  • Project Management
  • Recruiting
  • Facility use
  • Moderating
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Recording
  • Biometrics/Neuromarketing/Psychophysiology
  • Eye Tracking
  • Screen Captures
  • Usability Set Up


Custom Research Packages

We offer discounts between 5-15% on multiple custom research bookings (both full and partial research services). This only applies to multiple projects confirmed at the time of booking.

Full Service Research & Innovation Services

In addition to utilizing the PlayLab facility, clients also have the option to take advantage of the world-class research, design, innovation and strategy consulting services of our partner agency, PlayScience, for an additional, reduced fee.



The PlayLab is a full-service facility for NYC metro, national and international clients. We have flexible hours that can accommodate any schedule!

We schedule the PlayLab based on day-part time blocks:

Morning (9:00am – 1:00pm)
Afternoon (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
Evening (5:00pm – 9:00pm)
Weekend (9:00am – 9:00pm)

Prices for each time block are:

Single block (Morning or Afternoon) – $550
Single block (Evening or Weekend) – $825
Whole Day (Weekday) – $1,650
Whole Day (Weekend) – $1,900

Light snacks, soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, and drinks from our full-service espresso bar are included.  Custom catering or alcoholic beverages are also available for an additional charge.

Use of our biometric services and equipment is additional, and based on the scope of the project.

Please contact us for more information about hours of operation, food and beverage pricing, biometric services, and any additional information.