In partnership with PlayScience, PlayLab offers shared research sessions for those clients that would like the benefits of fast-paced, full-service consumer feedback at more economical rates.

For each PlayDate, we recruit 10-12 participants from a particular demographic (e.g., parents, preschoolers, adults with tablets, etc.) and provide opportunities for 3-4 clients to gather consumer feedback on their product, service, idea, or whatever!  Each client will receive 15 minutes of each participant’s time, which can be used for playtesting, user experience research, concept or product testing, etc. You provide the product or materials and we take care of the rest! Within 72 hours, you’ll get a snazzy topline report summarizing the findings and insights.

Contact us to receive our PlayDate “alerts.”  We’ll let you know the upcoming dates and demographics, and the price per 15-minute slot, so you can sign up.  Don’t delay, these spaces go quickly!

Note: Video recording and streaming video are available at an additional cost upon request.